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What you should know about Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge


Name of the company : Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge Ltd
Registration number/TIN number : 101802516
Date of registration : 23rd April 2010
Postal address : P.O. Box 7347 KIGALI-RWANDA
Physical address : NORTHERN PROVINCE, MUSANZE DISTRICT, Kinigi sector
Plot 1881-MUSANZE
Mobile number : (+250) 784753415 Reception
Mobile number : (+250) 788307374 Centre of Reservations (COR)
Email : info@lebambougorillalodge.com
Main website : www.lebambougorillalodge.com
Facebook page : Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge
Twitter: @Bambougorilla


No of employees : 23 (Lodge staff),
no. of rooms: 21 private and self-contained rooms
Fleet : 4 vehicles (2 Land Cruisers and 2 Minibuses)


Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge Ltd is a family lodge with the intention of improving the quality of Hotel Industry especially Eco-Lodging in the northern province Rwanda.


The vision of Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge is to be the #1 safari lodge in Rwanda, especially in the Volcanoes National Park area. Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge aims to provide a first-rate flexible service to its clients and promote the image of Rwanda as an unequaled tourism destination. Our long-term development plans include the construction of a channel of environmentally-friendly lodges in both Rwanda and Uganda.


Hospitality, professionalism, integrity, respect and dignity for customers are our core values. Other values of the Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge are innovation, flexibility, quality customer service, community benefit and accessibility through easy and direct communication.

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Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge can also organize tours where you will experience the thrilling pleasures of some of Africa’s most magnificent wildlife spectacles, pampered in luxury, but in synchronization with the simply rhythms of nature and life.